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The film is the result of a collective effort. Each and every one of us contributed under distinctive circumstances, due to Israel’s political control on the completion of the filming.

So far the production costs have been covered by the team. We are in the post-production phase and we ask for your financial support for tasks such as translation-subtitling, mixing, color correction, DCP, purchase of equipment (hard drives, etc.), promotion (site, graphic design, etc.) etc. If you wish to support us you can either use the donorbox or make a deposit at GR1201710460006046166727831 Piraeus Bank (IOANNIS KARAMPELIS).

Through the documentary, we seek to understand the Palestinian issue and contribute to its elevation, against the incomplete and distorted information provided from the mainstream media. Our aim is to propagate the documentary to the largest possible audience, we want it to be screened in festivals, cinemas, social and political spaces, universities, online platforms and elsewhere.